Two different logins are used in this website: one for purchases (your store account) and one for testing (your personal profile). Each login uses separate access information, therefore the username and password for one will not work for the other, unless you use the same information when you initially set each one up. Regardless, BOTH MUST CONTAIN THE SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS.

Here at the store section of our website, you will set up your STORE account when you checkout.

USE THE SAME E-MAIL ADDRESS for your STORE account that you entered (or will enter) into your personal profile. THEY MUST MATCH.

After you make your purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. In the upper right corner of that e-mail is your order confirmation number. You will need this number to take the test.

Having trouble?

Having trouble purchasing your materials, taking the test or downloading your manual?  Print this checklist and follow along.

Certification Checklist

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